Fitness companies partner to track exercisers’ progress

Photo by iStock

ShapeLog, a Midwest-based fitness technology company and provider of connected strength solutions, has partnered with Life Fitness, a global commercial fitness equipment company, to provide strength training data to individuals who are exercising.

ShapeLog’s patented strength platform will be able to be used anywhere where strength training equipment is available, including in gyms, rehabilitation centers, athletic clubs and in private training once strength machines are paired with ShapeSync.

Individuals will be able to personalize and customize their strength training by tracking their force, repetition, weight, power, total work, fatigue, time under tension and more, digitally.

“ShapeLog recognizes the community’s desire for a more holistic understanding of their fitness. Largely absent has been the necessary strength performance data to guide this journey,” said Bryan O’Rear, CEO of ShapeLog. “Life Fitness is the perfect partner as we look to provide connected strength solutions to health clubs globally. We thrive whenever presented the opportunity to work with passionate teams who are equally committed to delivering next-generation experiences.”

ShapeLog-equipped Life Fitness products will be available later this year. The company has offices in Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor and Chicago.

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