Spring Lake downtown redevelopment plans heating up


(As seen on WZZM TV 13) Kim VanKampen’s $3-million investment in the Village of Spring Lake is coming closer to fruition.

The Village of Spring Lake Planning Commission approved a special land use request from VanKampen during a regular meeting in September.

According to the meeting minutes, VanKampen contracted Progressive AE for the design of the project. Ken Brandsen, project manager, and Lee VanderMullen, civil engineer, from Progressive AE presented renderings for three parcels to be developed at present.

The three parcels, 106, 108 and 109 W. Savidge St., will be the site of a singular mixed-use development, with varying architecture to give the appearance of three separate buildings, dubbed Epicurean Village.

The Business Journal previously reported VanKampen had invested $3 million in purchasing six total vacant buildings along Savidge and Jackson streets in the downtown area of Spring Lake, the most recent one being 411 W. Savidge St., which she and her agent closed in mid-January.

While plans for the first three parcels are not concrete, renderings via VanKampen’s website call for a two-story restaurant with a rooftop deck, ground floor retail and residential units on the second and third floors.

VanderMullen highlighted a few issues, such as balconies and awnings that would hang over the Michigan Department of Transportation’s right-of-way along M-104 and a 3-foot gap between Village Hall on 102 W. Savidge St. and the redevelopment site.

VanderMullen also covered the proposed parking needs, utilities, stormwater, possible upgrades for existing gas and electric utilities, fire protection recommendations from the fire department and a request for an exception to the village’s landscape ordinance.

The planning commission voted to approve VanKampen’s special land use request on the grounds that she and Progressive AE gain approval from MDOT to allow encroachments in the right of way and the gap between the development and the Village Hall be eliminated, likely by a lot-line adjustment and a 3-foot expansion of the proposed building.

VanKampen also must enter a joint parking plan with the Village Council to dedicate nine parking spaces to the project immediately south of the Village Hall.

Angela Stanford-Butler, Village of Spring Lake Downtown Development Authority director, said groundbreaking on Epicurean Village might begin before the end of 2018 at the earliest. The project is slated for completion in spring 2020.

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