Start Garden invests in automatic toilet-seat closer and energy bar


The Flush-Down device was created by Thomas Reminga of Grand Rapids. Photo via

For everyone who has ever suffered from a toilet seat left up, salvation has come in the form of a device that automatically closes the lid.

The Flush-Down, an automatic toilet seat- and lid-closer device, received $5,000 in initial funding this week thanks to an endorsement by the Start Garden community.

The in-tank device, designed to fit in any toilet, automatically closes both the seat and lid of an open toilet when users flush.

“There are millions of ladies that get frustrated each and every day, and this product can help fix that," writes idea creator Thomas Reminga on his Start Garden page. "You also have animals drinking out of the toilet and small kids playing in them."

In the video below, The Flush-Down device is demonstrated. 

The Start Garden team selected ERG! Energy Bars for a $5,000 initial investment.

ERG! is a Michigan sourced, all natural, multi flavored health food bar. The unprocessed energy bars are designed for athletes or anyone who needs a snack.

ERG! already has 50 West Michigan dealers, as well as two companies lined up to expand the energy bars statewide.

“ERG! Bars are made with real unprocessed food, with no preservatives or additives, and we do our best to use local sources for our ingredients, too,” writes idea creator Dennis Bean-Larson on his Start Garden page. “People tell us that ERG! Bars taste great. They really like the clear packaging, too, because they can actually see what they’re buying.”

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