Start Garden invests in chauffeur business and shop-management system


The Di Blasi fold-able motor scooter. Photo via

For revelers who enjoy BeerCity, U.S.A. just a little too much, there’s a new business that might ease some of the transportation issues associated with drinking and then opting not to drive.

Entrepreneur Chad Becker said that although some drivers might be concerned about getting behind the wheel after drinking alcohol, they still would need their cars in the morning.

So Becker came up with an idea, submitted it to Start Garden and last week received $5,000 in funding to get his business rolling.

Your Chauffeur

The Start Garden community voted to invest $5,000 in Becker’s idea for a business called Your Chauffeur. 

Your Chauffeur revolves around registered chauffeurs riding fold-able scooters and bikes when called and driving guests back to their homes in their own vehicles.

The chauffeurs can then drive themselves back on their own scooter, which can be easily stored in a car trunk.

“I already invested in one Di Blasi fold-able motor scooter, but to offer consistent, reliable service to generate repeat customers and a fine reputation, having more bikes and people on call is key. I would also use the money to figure out liability issues and purchase necessary insurance,” Becker writes on his Start Garden page.

“Every city will have its own intangibles, but if we can refine the business model to operate efficiently here in Grand Rapids, it should be replicable in other mid- to large-sized cities and college towns,” he writes.

Start Garden’s team invested $5,000 in, an idea for a speedy and perceptive shop-management system.

By applying agile or lean methodologies to a web-based system, Shopflow hopes to create less need for customizations.

“Shopflow will be a full-featured system that focuses on the total time/energy it takes to run a job through the system, without requiring every detail to be tracked,” writes idea creator Torey Heinz on his Start Garden page.

“Our initial target area will be West Michigan, a manufacturing haven, with plans to expand," he said. "Shopflow plans to offer a high level of customer support, as well as customization and implementation. As Shopflow grows, more teams will be needed to maintain close proximity to the businesses we serve.”

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