Start Garden invests in circus for the mind and prescription app


A screen shot of the Snap Script mobile app for managing prescriptions. Image via

The Start Garden team has invested $5,000 in Snap Script, an idea for a mobile app that would help people manage their medicine.

The Snap Script app would monitor drug intake, give timely reminders for when users need to take a prescription and locate nearby pharmacies.

“The cost of poor medication adherence is estimated to total as much as $289 billion annually, about 13 percent of health care expenditures. Included in this number are several barriers to medication adherence including managing multiple medications, forgetfulness, and imperfect drug regimens,” writes idea creator Brian Ingle on his Start Garden page.

“The number of prescriptions dispensed in the U.S totaled 3.9 billion in 2009, a 39 percent increase over 10 years," he writes. "When a Snap Script user orders their refill, they are shown price promotion ads for other items specific to the selected pharmacy.”

The Start Garden community also picked Circus of the Mind (+COM) to receive a $5,000 investment from the seed fund.

Circus of the Mind is an idea for a travelling circus that would meld culture, art and politics.

The circus would be a cross between the critical social and scientific discussions held by TEDx talks and the thematic storytelling visuals of Cirque du Soleil.

The circus crew plans to use the money to experiment with their idea at ArtPrize this year.

“We are an international team of Americans, Israelis, Palestinians and Brits. We come from backgrounds in journalism, video production, art, design and public sector administration,” writes idea creator Maurice Jacobsen on his Start Garden page.

“Our first themed installation, ‘Facing Al Aqaba,’ will explore the world’s most protracted conflict, that between Israelis and Palestinians," he writes. "The multimedia installation will feature portraits and histories of all 300 of Al Aqaba’s villages. It will be the springboard for a broad discussion of the topic.”

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