Start Garden invests in cloud storage and brain health


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Clouds and thoughts — although ethereal in nature — still make for solid investments for Start Garden.

Cloud Blend, a cloud storage option that allows users to combine many different cloud storage services, received $5,000 from the Start Garden team. Cloud Blend would conveniently put all cloud storage into a single cloud drive, offering the power of user choice and consolidating space.

“The nearest players are cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Google Drive and Box. These services provide users with various amounts of storage space at various monthly rates,” wrote idea creator Spencer Ferris on his Start Garden page. “Cloud Blend, instead of just providing storage space, is the first to allow users to combine their existing storage space(s) into one simple and intuitive interface. In the long run, Cloud Blend could have a business model similar to other cloud storage services by providing cloud storage space, in addition to allowing users to incorporate storage provided by other services.”

Thought Studio, a learning studio aimed at creating a space for holistic personal development, received $5,000 from Start Garden public endorsement. The studio would offer classes on topics like yoga, culinary health, improvisation and team building, as a way to developlearning experiences to improve overall brain health.

“With creative courses, individual coaching and an inspiring physical space, we engage mind and body to help people create a thought design for their life goals,” wrote idea creator Denise VanEck on her Start Garden page. “Interest and awareness in brain health is skyrocketing. We believe people will use our center for improving their whole lives through brain health the same way they use the gym for their physical health. Once we fine-tune the model, it can be replicated and planted almost anywhere.”

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