Start Garden invests in compression shorts


Black athletic compression shorts by Helo Clothes. Photo via

Say hello to Helo shorts.

Helo shorts are tight compression shorts, or underwear, for athletes, especially surfers, to wear under their shorts.

The shorts by Helo Clothes, founded by MSU alum Jake Howison, are made in the U.S. with recycled polyester and designed to absorb minimal moisture and wick it away from skin.

The Start Garden team chose to invest $5,000 in the Helo compression shorts last week.

“Most people wear something under their boardshorts and whatever that something is, it probably stays wet long after their boardshorts are dry,” Howison writes on his Start Garden page. “This causes itchiness and discomfort.

“This product line could be quickly expanded . . . to develop product extensions like rash guards, pants and compression sleeves,” Howison writes. “Helo can absolutely grow into a robust retail merchandise line.”

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