Start Garden invests in estate planning file storage

Start Garden invests in estate planning file storage

Life Document Storage allows users to store their estate planning files online. Photo via

Death can be a lot of paperwork.

It’s something Bill Simpson, a licensed funeral director from Stanton, has thought about before.

When a person dies, their loved ones are sometimes left searching for that person’s important documents, such as financial information like life insurance, estate plans, wills and trusts, pensions, veteran’s paperwork and personal information and items.

Simpson wanted to create a business that would leave grieving families with answers, not questions.

So he created Life Document Storage, a business that works as a cloud-based database to store and protect a person’s critical documents for their families and loved ones, in case anything happen to them.

Start Garden liked Simpson’s business proposal and invested $5,000 in Life Document Storage last week as its weekly investment.

Simpson, president of Life Document Storage, said he plans to use his Start Garden funds for marketing: testing Google AdWords and Bing Ads for keyword campaigns and developing printed materials for professionals in the funeral, financial, insurance and estate planning industries.

“Most people don’t know what information their families will need in the event of their death or incapacitation,” Simpson writes on his Start Garden page. “Life Document Storage will help solve that problem with our comprehensive database, which will guide a person through the gathering, storage and transfer of that information when the time comes.”

Simpson describes it as a global problem.

“This niche market is very young and primed for major growth,” he adds. 

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