Start Garden invests in garage-rental site


A detached garage — organized enough to store two cars. Photo via

Laurie Veneklasen had an idea.


Her idea was to create a business that could connect people with extra space in their garage to people who needed something stored, similar to, but for people with storage needs.

People with the extra space would make a little money renting it out, and people with the storage-ready items would have a safe and relatively cheap place to keep their stuff.

StartGarden liked her idea and invested $5,000 last week in

Veneklasen plans to use the funding to build the website.

For people wary of leaving their stuff, particularly large items like cars or boats, in a stranger’s garage or having strangers leave stuff in their garage, would run background checks on both parties, before allowing them to register for the website.

The company would also serve as an escrow agent for the collection and release of funds.

“ is like Airbnb for garages,” Veneklasen writes on her Start Garden page. “I have worked four years as an office manager for a large self-storage facility. The industry is topped off and charging top dollar for available space. GarageMatch will free up new space.

“After an initial start up in the local area with just cars or boats matched with garages, expansion can move easily to other geographic markets and to other items or spaces that need storage matching (e.g., household or commercial items in basements or barns),” adds Veneklasen.

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