Start Garden invests in gunfire detector and entertainment-venue app


The Seat Side Service app allows users to order food, drinks and merchandise from their mobile devices. Photo via

Amid America’s raging gun debate, one startup has developed an idea that could step across the political divide and save lives.

The Start Garden community endorsed CHIEF to recieve a $5,000 initial investment from the $15 million seed fund last week.

CHIEF is an idea for a device that would detect the noise of indoor gunfire.

The acoustic surveillance system could be used alert a building's residents and local authorities, hopefully saving lives when a gunman is either in a building or on the loose.

“The technology is already there to detect gunfire, but the current systems cannot detect the gunshots indoors, which is where our system will excel,” writes idea creator Joseph Stein on his Start Garden page.

“Currently, the amount of buildings in the world is unknown. However, there are more than 136,270 schools in America to start with. CHIEF can be installed in a variety of buildings, such as movie theaters. In the long run, we hope to develop other devices as well.”

The Start Garden team chose to invest $5,000 in Seat Side Service.

Seat Side Service is a mobile app for users to order and pay for food, drinks or merchandise orders at entertainment venues, all from their seats. 

“Our monetization scheme is founded by a transaction based business model. As consumers use our platform to purchase concessions and merchandise, our organization will charge a service fee for processing their transactions. In addition, we plan to adopt advertisements and sell big data analytics,” writes idea creator Barak Leibovitz on his Start Garden page.

“Our competitors are focused on the convenience factor, where Seat Side Service values engagement," he writes. "If we can engage consumers at entertainment venues, our organization can offer a variety of benefits to venues and their consumers. Seat Side Service is about enhancing the experience from both aspects."

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