Start Garden invests in interactive wallet and robotic caregiving


My Wallet consists of a card set and companion Apple iOS app. Photo via

Start ‘em in Start Garden while they’re young. Where else can kids get an Apple iOS app that teaches them how a wallet works?

The money backing this new idea came as part of Start Garden’s weekly $10,000 investment, split between two startup ideas: one chosen by public endorsement and one chosen by Start Garden’s team.

My Wallet

Public endorsement on Start Garden’s website put $5,000 into My Wallet, a card set and companion mobile app for children ages 3 and up.

The cards include a library card, a license, a bank card and a Children’s Museum membership card and can be paired to activities in the app.

There are currently no children’s cards like this with a compatible iOS app, writes idea creator Marie-Claire Camp on her Start Garden page.

Camp, a mother to twin 3-year-olds, said My Wallet could expand into a physical card deck and be purchased independently on iTunes for $1.99.

“Young children often believe that still pictures can be manipulated if touched, even have sound,” she writes. “Bringing this level of interactivity to fruition is a natural next step. Children already expect it to happen.”

Robotic Patient Aid

The Start Garden team put $5,000 into Robotic Patient Aid, which would create a multi-use device to aid those with limited mobility.

The device could be summoned via a tablet app, writes idea creator Jim Schaddelee on his Start Garden page.

For years, Schaddelee watched his father take care of his late mother “like a saint,” he said, and his product would give caregivers and patients, people like his parents, more dignity and independence.

“Soon, 20 percent of the U.S. population will be between the ages of 64-84 and fighting for their independence. The RPA is designed to help caregivers and nurses provide patients with more independent care,” he writes.

“Our first Robotic Patient Aid is designed to adapt to different patients and has different drive systems to operate in a variety of facilities," he writes. "Good margins will allow us to buy tooling and decrease costs quickly. The ability to add features and services will only increase our markets.”

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