Start Garden invests in microwaveable bowl


OneBowl is a microwaveable, single-serving bowl with a built-in strainer. Photo via

To every college student surviving on Ramen noodles, Justin Herd’s creation might someday become legendary.

Herd is a senior at Grand Valley State University. He’s studying marketing and sales, as well as interning at the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.


He’s also the mind behind OneBowl, a microwaveable, single-serving bowl with a built-in strainer.

OneBowl can be used for cooking Ramen, rinsing fruit or as a going-to-college gift.

The team at Grand Rapids-based Start Garden invested $5,000 into OneBowl last week.

“Just rotate the handle an eighth of a turn to open the holes, and turn OneBowl into a working strainer,” writes Herd on his Start Garden page. “Rotate the handle back to starting position, and OneBowl is water tight. This motion is designed to keep both hands away from hot water, making it safe to use. The bowl has a snap-on lid for fridge storage and on-the-go meals.”

There are 13.6 million U.S. college students, with 2 million new ones cycling in every year, Herd said, creating a large market for Herd and possibly scaling into larger bowls.

“$5,000 will get a working product, designed by Tiger Studios, in my hands and ready to take to my target market for pre-orders and feedback: the most valuable customer validation,” Herd writes. “I plan to set up a table at GVSU on several different days to get the product in hundreds of college students’ hands.”

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