Start Garden invests in mobile broadcasting device


Übercaster by Echos Design transfers locally broadcast sound in real-time to smartphones via Wi-Fi. Photo via

Sound doesn’t travel without a little help.

The Übercaster, created by KJ Yoo, founder of Echos Design, is a portable device that would transfer locally broadcast sound — such as sports bar TVs and museum tours — in real-time to smartphones via Wi-Fi.

The Übercaster would work with a range devices such as microphones, iPods and guitars and offer less than 50 ms of audio latency, Yoo said, and cost at least eight times less than commonly used FM transmitter systems.

The Start Garden team found Yoo’s idea intriguing and decided last week to invest $5,000 in the device.

Yoo believes companies can use the device to “really amplify their experience,” Yoo said in a video demonstration of his product, showing how the Übercaster was able to stream the noise from a TV to his smartphone.

“I mean, just imagine walking into a sports bar and having total freedom to listen to any TV you wanted to just with your smartphone,” he added.

“FM transmitter systems have multiple FM receiver devices,” Yoo writes on his Start Garden page. “It’s bulky, chaotic to manage, unnecessary and expensive.”

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