Start Garden invests in mobile gym passes and kick-drum brace


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Start Garden invested $10,000 this week in two ideas built around two things everybody needs: exercise and music.

The Start Garden team put $5,000 into Pop in Gym, an idea for a business that offers short-term passes for gyms.

Pop in Gym gives users one day, four day or one-month passes to gyms through passes redeemable on their smartphones.

“I used to travel for work a great deal. Being on the road, I wasn’t eating very well and most of the time . . . I didn’t have access to great gym facilities like I did at home,” writes idea creator Obi Mbanefo on her Start Garden page. “I wanted the option to buy short-term access to gyms around me without having to do all the leg work of figuring out the best gyms closest to me or deal with sales people.”

The idea selected by public endorsement for $5,000 is KBrakes, a device that works as a stopper for a kick drum.

Often when playing a kick drum on carpet, drummers find the force of their beat will move the drum several inches. The aptly named KBrake serves as a “brake,” keeping the drum in place.

“The KBrake attaches on to the ends of both right and left kick drum spurs and provides 256 gripping points per side. This keeps the kick drum firmly in place in front of the drummer as they play,” writes idea creator Wes Keely on his Start Garden page. “As a 20-year veteran in the music industry, touring the world over, I have experienced my kick drum sliding in over 30 countries. I created the KBrake and its ‘kick drum slide prevention technology,’ because every other ‘solution’ simply does not work.”

In the video below, a drummer demonstrates using a kick drum — with and without a KBrake.

Start Garden’s next Update Night is Thursday, Feb. 28.

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