Start Garden invests in ring-box camera and underwear club


The YesCam is a small video camera in a ring box. Photo via

Which would be better? Wearing the best men’s underwear on the planet or having a video of the expression on your face the moment you got engaged to be married?

If both those ideas sound appealing, then Start Garden has got it covered. As of last week, both of those ideas — Underwear Nation and YesCam — are now Start Garden-funded. Each idea received $5,000 as part of Start Garden’s weekly $10,000 investment in two new startup ideas.

The Start Garden team picked Underwear Nation, a business club that curates the best collection of men’s underwear globally and ships them to members monthly. “Citizens,” as the members are called, can either pick a new pair of briefs, trunks or a jockstrap, or let Underwear Nation select for them.

Underwear Nation’s recurring monthly subscription business model will be expanded to include a variety of other underwear cuts, swimwear, loungewear and other men’s products under a “Club Nation umbrella,” wrote idea creator Jerrad Mathew on his Start Garden page.

“Underwear Nation selects the best designs featuring the latest trends and styles from underwear designers worldwide and presents those in a focused, editorial, well-designed and uniquely curated retail experience.”

Public endorsement on Start Garden’s website funded YesCam, an idea to put a small video camera into a ring box, allowing users to record and share the reaction of a marriage proposal. While this personal moment, if captured, is usually done by a secret photographer, the new YesCam is hoping to provide couples and their loved ones quality up-close footage of one of the happiest moments of someone’s life.

Yes Cam from Scott Brandonisio on Vimeo.

“Based off of our initial research, our product will be high in demand as we believe it will give (jewelers) a competitive edge in selling their rings to their customer(s). This demand will in turn feed into a demand for quality editing that only our team can provide,” wrote idea creator Russell Fyfe on his Start Garden page.

“Our team consists of the original product designers, two experienced entrepreneurs and a video editing team. We are a team born from an incubator (at) Hope College. We have connections with jewelry stores across Michigan currently working with us in bringing this product to market.”

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