Start Garden invests in sauce and bike gear


Everidae Sauce is a sweet and spicy habanero pepper sauce from Scoville Farms. Photo via

The two ideas recently chosen for funding at Start Garden’s $5,000 level involve bike handles and tasty sauce.

The idea selected by the Start Garden team last week was Bar Bumps, created by Shawn Littrell, an industrial designer at Steelcase. Bar Bumps is a product that attaches to handlebars of road bikes, allowing cyclists to relieve pressure from their palms.

“Bar Bumps will be the first product in the marketplace that allows you to customize your handlebar with one simple part. They are unique in helping you relieve pressure on the back your hand and the front of your hand,” Littrell wrote on his Start Garden page. “I have been an avid cyclist for a number of years, and I have always altered my handlebars to relieve pressure on my hands. At that same time, I received a degree as an industrial design, and, for the first time, I feel that I finally have experience to bring Bar Bumps to the marketplace.”

The idea selected by Start Garden web endorsements was Everidae Sauce, created by Dominic Sorenson, owner of Scoville Farms. His gourmet sauce idea is to bring together both sweet and spicy flavors.

Everidae Sauce is handmade in Grand Rapids and “the first in a line of products from Scoville Farms,” Sorenson said. It is made with fresh carrots, sweet onions, garlic, orange habanero peppers, apple cider vinegar, white sugar, salt and natural fruit pectin. Furthermore, it’s gluten free.

“From dips and spreads, to sauces, soups and stuffings, we want to be your primary source for unique premium pepper products,” he wrote on his Start Garden page. “We can test our belief that demand for spicy foods will continue to increase as science reveals the benefits of capsaicin on healthy living. We can do this by offering consumers new and innovative ways to create and enjoy spicy foods.”

Due to Thanksgiving weekend, Start Garden’s next $5,000 investment round will be Nov. 29. That same day, it will also hold Update Night, during which 10 individuals will return and show what progress they have made while learning if their work qualifies for future funding.

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