Start Garden invests in seat belt cushion and mobile contact management


Start Garden is a $15 million seed fund in downtown Grand Rapids. Image via

Entrepreneurs making contact management and seat belts more comfortable are now being funded by Start Garden.

Start Garden chose the ideas OnTouch and The Cushy last week for $5,000 in initial funding. 

The Start Garden team selected OnTouch, a mobile contact management system. The system automatically tracks contacts when used for making calls, writing emails and getting directions, allowing users to organize and keep up with details about clients and contacts.

“OnTouch is accessible. You get the same great interface no matter the device,” wrote idea creator Ryan Condron on his Start Garden page. “Millions of individual salespeople around the world can use OnTouch to interact with their contacts. Corporations can provision OnTouch to their mobile sales teams, and then instantly sync the data back to your main CMS.”

The Start Garden community selected The Cushy, a handheld device made of memory foam-like material, which would clip to seat belts, resting comfortably across the chest of recent breast surgery patients or nursing mothers. The design is built specifically for women who have had either a mastectomy, re-construction augmentation or reduction surgery.

“I had my left breast removed to save my life in September 2012. This life-changing diagnosis inspired me to be an advocate and entrepreneur,” wrote idea creator Dany Lyn on her Start Garden page. “Life does not stop for these patients. They have to get out and drive eventually, even when things are not completely healed.”

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