Start Garden invests in surgery animation and event photography


ScoutFoto technology automatically matches photos to runners, using facial and bib recognition. Photo via

Following a short summer recess, Start Garden is back at it.

Rick DeVos’ $15 million seed fund has resumed financing after taking July off — and backed a pair of startup ideas with $5,000 each.


The Start Garden team decided to invest in SurgeryEdu, an idea for app that would contain animations of common surgeries, allowing medical professionals to walk patients through the procedures.

The app would not only educate the patients, but allow doctors, nurses and surgeons to focus more on interacting with the patient.

“Our app allows health care professionals to focus on interacting with the patient, rather than attempting to visualize a dynamic procedure through a static picture,” writes idea creator Tanvi Gangal on her Start Garden page. “Our self-sufficient animations would allow patients to have customized education at the clinic and at home for complete reference.

“We hope to develop apps for all surgical specialties and create a database of patient education videos for patients directly, to better cater to them in the current health market, which is placing a greater importance on patient satisfaction,” she writes.


The Start Garden community voted for the fund to invest in ScoutFoto, an idea for a software and technology system, allowing photographers and spectators an easy way to share and tag photos taken during sporting events.

ScoutFoto technology automatically matches photos to each runner using facial and bib recognition.

“We can provide matches to any/all events. Photographers are only at 5 percent of the events,” writes idea creator Andrew Wong on his Start Garden page. “(The) current process is very manual, (but) our system is automated. We can and are powering photographers, so they can focus on taking pics.

“In the U.S., there are over 41,000 annual running events, plus school sports, little leagues, biking, etc.,” he writes. “This is a self-service digital ecommerce platform for printing and downloads. Within 10 days of sending a few emails, 50 races signed up (providing positive feedback), with over 30,000 runners.”

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