Startup airs on ‘All-American Makers’


The COFFEEBOXX by OXX is designed to be used at construction job sites and outdoors. Courtesy OXX

A startup’s coffee maker will be featured on the Science Channel tomorrow night.

Grand Rapids-based OXX, the maker of COFFEEBOXX, will appear on the season premiere of “All-American Makers” at 10 p.m.

All-American Makers” invites U.S. inventors to pitch their products before a panel of three experts, including venture capitalist Marc Portney.

The experts put the products through a series of tests and exposure to consumer focus groups.

If the product is found to be tenable, Portney decides whether to invest his money to bring the product to shelves.

Rugged coffee

Inspired by the battered and beaten state of coffee makers he regularly encountered at construction sites, OXX CEO and founder Jim Doan set out to develop a more rugged option that could withstand the rigors of those work sites.

Doan founded the company in 2012, and in April launched COFFEEBOXX, a coffee maker designed specifically for use at work sites and for outdoor recreation.

Built to withstand the pressure of a 1,500-pound load, OXX said COFFEEBOXX is a crush proof, rust proof, water tight, dust resistant and rust proof single-serve coffee maker.

Weighing 12 pounds, it houses a water tank capable of holding 2.5 liters of liquid and works with all K-cup packs.

Retailing for $249.99 on the company website, COFFEEBOXX is also sold at select stores across the country.


In the greater Grand Rapids area, the Science Channel can be found at several channels, depending on a viewer’s cable provider.

Comcast: channel 258, HD 1258

DirecTV: channel 284

DISH: channel 193

Comcast: 110, HD 211 or 1251

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