Startup crowdfunds silicone product line


The Silikids co-founders, Stacey Wehrman Feeley, right, and Giuliana Schwab, stand together at a display of their silicone-covered meal accessories for children. Photo via

A startup with $255,000 in funding from a local seed fund is teaming up with artists from a major motion picture and TV show to help with its crowdfunding campaign.

Silikids is a “mom-founded brand” of safe products made out of silicone and backed by Start Garden in Grand Rapids.

The startup said last week that it has launched a $7,500 Kickstarter for its new straw tops — silicone tops that cover any glass, “making it spill proof, while converting it into a straw top.”

The campaign ends on Nov. 20.

To help reward funders, the startup partnered with artists Bill Schwab from “Frozen” and Jim Feeley from “American Dad” — who are the husbands of the company’s co-founders — to create glass sets and art.

Every Kickstarter backer will receive a three pack of the straw tops. Backers at a variety of other levels will receive glass sets and limited-edition prints, and one backer will earn a power lunch with Schwab, Feeley and the Silikids team in Los Angeles.

The rewards are exclusive to the Kickstarter campaign and won’t be available after the campaign ends.

"Our silicone tableware accessories like our straw tops are designed to make the basics like glass easier and safer to use,” said Stacey Feeley, co-founder, Silikids. “A main focus of ours is to bridge the gap between innovative, high-end design and affordability. This Kickstarter campaign allows us to celebrate great art and the simplicity of glass, making it cool, functional and fun."

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