Startup produces Sound of the City festival downtown


A look at the local mapping function in the radi8er music-streaming app. Photo via

A local startup developing an app for streaming and “mapping” local music is producing a music festival downtown on Saturday.

Grand Rapids-based radi8er is hosting Sound of the City GR, which is the first in a planned series of music festivals by the startup to celebrate original music and local music communities.

The inaugural event, featuring nine West Michigan bands, will run from noon to 10 p.m. at the Harris Building, at 111 S. Division Ave.

The festival venue will offer space to listen to music, dance, mingle, eat, drink and view artwork on display.

The venue will have food and drinks, with a cash bar. Merchandise from bands and radi8er also will be available for purchase.

Jim Czerew, CEO of radi8er, added that the festival's bands have their music listed in the radi8er app music library, and their music can be heard when users zoom in to the West Michigan area.


Tickets to the festival are limited, $10 each and can be purchased online. Those who purchase tickets in advance can get faster entry into the event.

Minors must be accompanied by an adult.

Sound of the City GR lineup

Noon: Doors open
1 p.m.: Vox Vidorra
2 p.m.: Olivia Mainville & The Aquatic Troupe
3 p.m.: Moto
4 p.m.: Valentiger
5 p.m.: Lipstick Jodi
6 p.m.: Lady Ace Boogie
7 p.m.: Full Catastrophe
8 p.m.: Ty Beat
9 p.m.: The Legal Immigrants
10 p.m.: Event closes

Festival series

The startup plans to host the festival annually and expand it to other cities like Chicago, which is planned for later this year, as well as Atlanta, Austin, Texas, Nashville, Tennessee and Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Czerew said radi8er believes Sound of the City festivals will "become known as a launching platform for many of the up-and-coming artists."

“We then see the radi8er app as a unique way for music fans to discover, follow, support and share their new favorite bands with the rest of the world," Czerew said.

He said that the startup has several primary goals: to support artists, help original talent get discovered, connect listeners and artists and increase the awareness of a music scene within its local community.

“One of the best ways today to support an artist today is to increase attendance at their events,” Czerew said.

He said Sound of the City festivals are "a natural conclusion of this goal," and the startup has found that "many" local organizations "want to support their local music scenes as well."

Open beta launch

The festival’s launch is designed to coincide with the open beta launch of the app.

Currently, the app is in closed beta, and it is limited to those who have requested early access on the startup's website.

By the time of the Sound of the City GR, radi8er will be in open beta, and people can able to sign up and experience many of the features that will be in the fully completed version, Czerew said.

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