Startup releases ‘blue collar’ inspection app


The Modustri SS app uses iPad technology. Courtesy Modustri

A startup has created an app for the construction industry to help with ultrasonic data acquisition and equipment management.

Non-destructive testing

Modustri, a maker of a measurement and data-collection software and hardware, said this month that it has launched Modustri SS, an iPad app that pairs with a Modustri Wear Measurement Device to assist field inspectors and technicians in non-destructive testing and preventive maintenance.

The app can be used to gauge the thickness of pipes to determine if significant wear is occurring and whether repairs need to be made.

“Pipelines corrode, because there’s constantly flowing material," said Jesse Raleigh, lead technologist, Modustri. "This lets you walk up to a pipeline, touch the wall of it and know how thick it is . . . so you don’t have to cut into it."

The app allows users to take ultrasonic thickness gauge measurements up to 5 inches. The results can be catalogued and measurements can be documented with imagery, using the onboard iPad camera, according to the Modustri website.

The Modustri SS app communicates via Bluetooth to the hardware.

The device costs about $2,200, but the app is free, Raleigh said.

The startup is also working to make the app available for Android.

Modustri was formed last year through the Grand Rapids-based digital and experiential agency Agent X.

"Blue-collar" data

Raleigh said ultrasonic devices are already in use in a number of markets and have been since the 1970s, but now the prices are dropping.

"What once took a few days and delivered questionable results now can be provided in minutes with consistency and accuracy,” said Michael Kucharski of MacAllister Machinery, an Indianapolis-based Caterpillar dealership. “Our customers have shown that they see significant value in quality recommendations based on validated facts and data."

Raleigh said he's hugely excited about the app and its possibilities for non-destructive testing in the oil and gas industries.

“Not a lot of startups are focusing on the dirtier areas of the work world,” he said. “In an era that a lot of people are working on social media and marketing apps, it’s nice to create something that helps the blue-collar guys in the working world.”

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