Supermarket chain enters market


Earth Fare is a chain of supermarkets that sells “real food for everyone.” Photo via

A national chain of supermarkets with a focus on "real food" has moved into the West Michigan market.

Fletcher, N.C.-based Earth Fare officially opened its first store today in Portage, at 5070 S. Westnedge Ave. The store is the chain's first in the state.

Organic focus

Earth Fare is known for its organic food products, including third-party audited meat products.

More than 75 percent of its fare is GMO free, according to its website.

The chain’s philosophy is to sell products without artificial ingredients: artificial trans fat, colors, flavors, preservatives, sweeteners and antibiotics and synthetic growth hormones for meats.


“While we offer a great selection of organic produce, we offer conventional produce to ensure you have access to a variety of affordable options,” Earth Fare says on its website.

“This may include ‘no spray’ or ‘low-spray’ produce, as well as local produce that may have been grown organically, but by a farmer that cannot afford to complete the certification process to label their products as organic.”


Earth Fare serves about 36 stores nationwide in about 10 states in the South and Midwest.

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