TBOH lends a helping hand to police


Chief of Public Safety for the City of Holland Matt Messer, left, shows off one of the 10 portable defibrillators made possible through a donation from The Bank of Holland and CEO Rob Dwortz. Courtesy The Bank of Holland

Holland residents can rest a bit easier now knowing that all Department of Public Safety police cruisers will soon be outfitted with portable defibrillators donated by The Bank of Holland.

Chief Matt Messer, Department of Public Safety for Holland, received a donation of $28,350 from The Bank of Holland that will meet the department’s goal of having portable defibrillators in police cars.

“On a personal note, when we learned about the city’s need several weeks ago, we were reminded of the loss of a good friend and colleague, Paul Anema, a couple of years ago to a cardiac event,” said Rob Dwortz, the bank’s CEO. “It is our hope that this donation can help prevent future events of this kind, as well.”

The goal of Holland’s Department of Public Safety to put a defibrillator in each cruiser started with a city hall $7,950 budget allocation at the beginning of this year. Staff at the Bank of Holland heard about the need for the defibrillators and contacted the Department of Public Safety to get a better idea of what was needed to complete the purchase.

“The Holland Department of Public Safety realizes the extreme importance of servicing the citizens of Holland,” Messer said. “These portable defibrillators will provide Holland’s public safety officers with a critical tool in saving lives.”

The process of ordering the lifesaving portable defibrillators has started and each police car should be outfitted within a few weeks, according to Messer.

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