Tech company expanding operation


Hardware lines a data center's floor. Photo via

A technology company in the area is investing $364,000 to grow its operation.

Caledonia-based NVINT, an IT firm, is expanding and creating 26 jobs, according to The Right Place today.

A location for the expansion has not yet been finalized. The firm is based at 3240 Hanna Lake Industrial Dr.

“NVINT is on an aggressive growth trajectory, and we need to be able to scale the company quickly to keep up with demand,” said Chris Vinton, president, NVINT.


The Michigan Economic Development Corp., or MEDC, approved a $175,000 Michigan Business Development Program performance-based grant to assist NVINT with the expansion.

The package will help offset costs related to the expansion, in addition to recruiting and training computer engineers and programmers.

The Right Place, an economic development nonprofit in Grand Rapids, is providing staff time and resources in support of the project.

“With guidance from The Right Place and support from the MEDC, we’ll be able to meet that demand and continue growing in West Michigan,” Vinton said.


Founded in 2008, NVINT provides IT infrastructure and network solutions, including enterprise hardware and cloud solutions.

NVINT works to assist businesses with reducing risk and streamlining operations, by providing a blend of physical and virtual IT solutions.

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