Tech firm partners with Swedish company


A worker uses Configura's VR technology and CET Designer to experience a virtual workspace. Courtesy OST

A local technology firm is partnering with a Swedish maker of space-planning software.

Grand Rapids-based Open Systems Technologies, or OST, announced yesterday its partnership with the Grand Rapids office of Linköping, Sweden-based Configura. The downtown office is Configura's North American headquarters.

OST will operate as the “formal implementation partner” for Configura’s CET Designer software, a program used in the contract furniture industry.

The software allows for 2D and 3D designs, photo-realistic renderings, fly-thru videos and virtual reality experiences.

The partnership results in a new eight-person division at OST, OST Configura Services.

“This is a practice around designing, developing and supporting CET Designer extensions,” said Michael Lomonaco, marketing and communications director, OST. “OST’s close partnership with Configura, combined with a close proximity to Configura’s U.S. office located in Grand Rapids, uniquely positions us to be a strong, value-added partner to both Configura and the entire ecosystem that the company serves.”

The partnership began following a meeting between OST and Zeeland-based Herman Miller, a long-time client of OST.

OST’s first project supporting Configura will be with Herman Miller’s CET Designer implementation. Herman Miller has worked with Configura since 2015 and is now one of the customers working on a CET Designer extension.

“What started out as an ideation session at Herman Miller quickly evolved into a full-service, custom configuration offering from the OST and Configura teams,” said Jeff Kurburski, CIO, Herman Miller. “In today’s digital world, it is partnerships like these which help us succeed — ones in which we not only ideate together, but drive to solutions which are mutually beneficial and create value for all parties.”

OST's involvement will likely help Configura “expand into new industries.”

“With our OST collaboration, we can develop and offer more extensions, products and functionality to our manufacturer customers and end users,” said Peter Brandinger, VP, Configura. “Any manufacturer and dealer that makes and sells configurable products can benefit from our solution.”

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