Technology marches on: Lessons from data breaches


Technology marches on to the benefit and detriment of society — and business. At the business level, we desire four things:

1. Productivity: do more with less

2. Profitability: improve or stabilize financial strength

3. Innovation: differentiation from our competitors

4. Risk Mitigation: financial, physical and technical risk management

The latest Sony Pictures mega-hack reminds us of the dark side of technology's march forward. While your small business may not be a target for the bad guys, you could be swept up inadvertently or swerve into the CryptoWall Ransomware virus . . . or worse.

What can we learn from Sony, Target, Home Depot and UPS' most recent data breaches? We learn that technology security is a daunting task and we're never 100 percent protected.

As quoted in Bloomberg Businessweek: "What this shows you is that the IT guys tell the board and top management they've got the problem under control, and everybody goes back to business as usual”… “The weaknesses you see at Sony and other companies, large and small, can't be fixed by installing one more firewall or some new antivirus software. By the time the good guys zig, the bad guys are already zagging."

Therefore, recommended action items to improve security and prepare for a breach or virus include:

  • Two-factor authentication access to key systems
  • Cloud level DNS perimeter protection — beyond the firewall
  • Image level backup and restore technology; incremental hourly, consistently sent off site

None of us can throw the resources of Sony, Target or UPS at our technology security. However, we can make incremental improvements to protect against the relentless march of technology.

Ask your IT department or technology support company, "Are we using the latest technology to protect our business from new threat vectors and breaches?"

Mitigate and manage your technology risk today.

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