Cavallo set to launch products for midmarket distributors

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Grand Rapids-based Cavallo, formerly SalesPad, is launching three distribution products.

Distribution Cloud, Analytics Cloud and Cavallo SalesPad are meant to unlock new possibilities for distribution data, provide enhanced execution and control to distributors and deliver real-time analysis to guide optimization for distributors. All three products will be available in November.

“Even the leading enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management packages can’t meet the specific needs of distributors. They require the smarter software solutions Cavallo provides,” said Cavallo Senior Vice President of Product Jeremy Boogaart. “With our updated solutions, both new and existing customers can easily integrate any of these into their distribution cycle. This is an exciting time of growth for Cavallo, and we’re eager to provide the industry with the innovative tools they need.”

Distribution Cloud is built specifically for distributors and distribution operations, providing sales and CSR teams with extensive customer, sales and order management features. It aims to maximize profits and efficiency, while combining the flexibility of a CRM with an ERP system’s amplitude of data. The cloud will help distributors to maintain accurate inventory levels down to the item level; provide insight into any order status in any system; and offer personalized options, ultimately helping to maintain control over sales and order operations. 

Cavallo Analytics Cloud provides an instant look into the health of distribution operations by plugging into existing technology stacks. Users will have the ability to discover inefficiencies and streamline processes all while recovering profit loss. The cloud looks to remove limits from data retrieval and boasts analysis capabilities, keeping decision-making clear and simple. 

Cavallo SalesPad extends the life and performance of Microsoft Dynamics GP with new gestures and added integration with popular e-commerce platforms. The distributor-designed software is intended to improve distribution operations and manage workflows from customer to cash.

Cincinnati, Ohio-based health care nonprofit technology services provider OSIS is Cavallo’s first distribution cloud beta customer and has seen noticeable improvements by using the software.

“Cavallo’s distribution solutions give us the insights into each item our customers are buying and why they need them,” said Michelle Doll, procurement manager at OSIS. “As OSIS continues to expand, we plan to utilize the efficiencies this suite of products provides to match our growth.”

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