MCPc breaks ground on new facility in Madison Square

MCPc is set to open its Madison Square location in mid-2022. Rendering courtesy Amplify GR

A tech company broke ground on a new facility that will bring 75 to 100 jobs to the Madison Square neighborhood in southeast Grand Rapids.

MCPc — a technology logistics, data security and endpoint management company based in Cleveland, Ohio — broke ground on a 51,000-square-foot facility at 1601 Madison Ave. SE on Wednesday. The building previously sat vacant for decades until MCPc signed a lease agreement this past April with Amplify GR, an economic development nonprofit in southeast Grand Rapids.

MCPc is set to open its Madison Square location in mid-2022.

Rockford Construction will lead the site renovation, which will include “intensive” environmental remediation. Thirty percent of the project budget will be dedicated to the hiring of underrepresented local trade partners to complete the project, Amplify GR said.

“MCPc values its team and community members, and we believe this new location in the heart of the neighborhood will allow us to continue to grow as a community partner and employer of choice,” said Andy Shannon, MCPc president, Michigan. “We are (excited) to provide economic opportunities for the area, beginning with our commitment to hiring 30% of our workforce from the Madison Square neighborhood.”

The relocation is expected to bring 75 to 100 new and existing jobs to the area and generate a total private investment of $2.8 million with the support of a $70,000 Jobs Ready Michigan performance-based grant approved by the Michigan Strategic Fund. The company chose Michigan for the expansion over its headquarters in Cleveland and a competing site in Indiana.

The company also will provide apprenticeship opportunities within the data and technology fields as part of its commitment to community and economic development in the neighborhood.

“This relocation will generate numerous jobs in our community at a time when job loss has been substantial during the COVID-19 pandemic,” Grand Rapids City Commissioner Nathaniel Moody said. “This relocation signals a positive movement in the Madison Square community and greater economic opportunity. Amplify GR, Rockford Construction and MCPc are uniquely committed to cultivating an aesthetic and functional community, and this formerly vacant building, turned into a modern and fruitful office space, is physical proof of their success.”

The renovation is being made possible by financing from PNC Bank.

“Supporting the redevelopment of 1601 Madison is just a small part of what we can do for the community,” said Sean Welsh, regional president of PNC Bank. “It is a privilege to be able to support Amplify GR and the partners who aim to make our community a better place to live.”

Burl McLiechey, a 60-year resident who lives near the future home of MCPc, said Madison Square used to house a thriving and diverse business community, and he is excited to see that vitality returning.

“Everyone used to walk to work because employers were based in the neighborhood. Over the years, we saw a lot of disinvestment, and it felt like people were forgotten,” he said. “Now, I see it growing again, brightening up and becoming stronger as we rebuild it together. I’m happy to see quality jobs coming back and a commitment to maintaining the diversity that is central to this area.”

The city of Grand Rapids supported the project through its Brownfield Redevelopment Authority and Local Brownfield Revolving Fund.  The Southtown CIA also supported the project through its development support policy.

More information about the new MCPc building and how the company plans to impact the community is available on Amplify GR’s website.

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