Security company deploys AI-backed robotic security solutions

Security company deploys AI-backed robotic security solutions
DK Security's Roameo is a a 7-foot-tall patrolling security robot that weighs more than 700 pounds. Courtesy DK Security

DK Security officials say a new partnership with a Detroit-based company to expand artificial intelligence-enabled devices will expand its offerings to customers and businesses increasingly concerned with safety.

Kentwood-based DK Security has teamed up with Robotic Assistance Devices (RAD) to become a contracted dealer of RAD’s robotic products.

With the new devices, DK Security can expand its services through improved surveillance, enhanced communication and more continuous operation while still emphasizing the importance of its human personnel.

While security officers will always be a “critical solution” to ensure safety in workplaces and public settings, “Sometimes a security solution goes beyond just guard work, and now when we get security requests, we can offer those other solutions,” said Johnny Kendall, DK Security’s director of marketing and business development.

DK Security officials have seen a growing interest in technology-based solutions as the company’s competitors also have made those kinds of investments in recent years, Kendall added.

“We also know the power of artificial intelligence and how it can be used for good,” Kendall said.

The partnership with RAD came at the right time for DK Security, which fielded 500 service requests in 2022 across all of its Michigan offices, Kendall said.

“It was by far the most that we’ve ever received,” he said. “Those requests ranged from having a security guard watch equipment overnight at an outdoor event to having a long-term security guard at a manufacturing facility.”

Kendall said the company was unable to meet many requests for various reasons, such as a short notice. But the new partnership aims to provide solutions for all types of requests and clients.

“There’s nothing like this in West Michigan, and perhaps throughout the state, too,” Kendall said. “We’re eager to bring this to life with our clients.”

DK Security’s new robotics division includes robots such as Rosa, an AI-powered surveillance camera with a 180-degree field of view, as well as Roameo, a 7-foot-tall patrolling security robot that weighs more than 700 pounds.

New devices also include the Ava unit for access control at gates and entry points; the Rio observatory to surveil large areas without the need to mount equipment to a building; and the forthcoming robotic dog known as Raddog.

With an ability to pair with other RAD devices for enhanced security, DK Security also can deploy RAD Light My Way, a mobile app that coordinates with remote security monitoring to virtually escort individuals to and from buildings and their vehicles.

The devices are programmable to fit various client needs while offering benefits such as 24/7 monitoring or surveillance. When a device detects a security concern — like an intruder appearing outside of regular work hours — the response is completely customizable, according to Kendall.

The devices will not automatically alert law enforcement, though they can be programmed to do so, or to trigger an audio message, flashing lights or an immediate response to a security guard on the premises or to the company’s management.

The goal of this technology is to complement, not replace, DK Security’s staff, Kendall said.

“There’s a ton of value in having security guards on site and having that human element to be able to make judgment-based decisions,” Kendall said. “But there are certain tasks that can be done by these devices that make operations more efficient or that can allow a security guard on site to focus on more important tasks or areas of a site that are more vulnerable.”

In light of recent concerns around safety in downtown Grand Rapids, Kendall said these robotic security offerings could be beneficial for employers.

“Safety, especially in downtown Grand Rapids, has been a concern,” he said. “We’ve gotten calls from businesses saying, ‘Hey, our employees aren’t feeling safe, and we think we might need a security guard.’ Light My Way and the other RAD devices could be effective for places like the hospitals or other businesses.”

Kendall said the company has experienced initial interest from customers, and executives plan to start leasing the devices soon.

“At the end of the day, we’re just trying to make our communities safe and take care of our clients,” he said.

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