Texas law firm makes West Michigan acquisition


Jordan Hoyer. Courtesy Talcott Franklin

A Texas-based law firm has entered the West Michigan market by acquiring a local firm.

Arlington, Texas-based Talcott Franklin has acquired The Law Office of Jordan C. Hoyer, a boutique litigation firm in Grand Rapids.

Talcott Franklin, which also has offices in North Carolina and West Virginia, has nearly 20 attorneys licensed to practice law in 12 states and the District of Columbia.

Talcott Franklin

Talcott Franklin was founded in 2010 and represents small and large institutional investors from around the world, such as insurance companies, banks and asset managers.

The firm specializes in “deciphering and explaining complex transactions” and said it has litigated some of the “highest-profile cases stemming from the financial crisis.”

Talcott Franklin specializes in areas of law related to securitization, particularly commercial and residential mortgage-backed securities and the clearinghouse approach and intellectual asset protection, serving as local counsel.

The firm said it has eschewed the "traditional practice of relying on new law school graduates” in favor of hiring seasoned attorneys who typically have worked in house or in government before joining the firm.

The firm said because its “attorneys have been consumers of legal services, they understand that law is a service-oriented profession.”

The Law Office of Jordan C. Hoyer

Talcott Franklin’s decision to acquire The Law Office of Jordan C. Hoyer had to do with the Grand Rapid’s firm’s “tenacity and resilience.”

Jordan Hoyer launched the firm in her parents’ Grand Haven basement in 2011, directly after completing a law clerkship with the United Nations, which she had hoped would lead to a permanent job, but didn’t.

“The development of Jordan’s firm is a great story about tenacity and resilience, about overcoming tough times and re-tooling to reflect an economic reality,” said Talcott Franklin, founder, Talcott Franklin.

Today, Hoyer’s firm is housed in the Trust Building, at 40 Pearl St. NW, and includes three additional attorneys: Curt Benson, Erika Hunting and Derek Witte.

As a result of the acquisition, Hoyer, Benson, Hunting and Witte will become “of counsel” attorneys with Talcott Franklin.

The firm specializes in commercial and financial services litigation.

“Hoyer and her law firm are emblematic of Grand Rapids and the state of Michigan,” Franklin said.

Noting Michigan’s climb out of the recession, Franklin said, “We predict Grand Rapids will help lead a renaissance in Michigan, and we want to be a part of that.”

Hoyer said the acquisition provides the firm with “a great opportunity” to bring “highly sophisticated legal representation to Grand Rapids and the state of Michigan.”

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