The power of thought


"Most of the pain you're dealing with is really just thoughts — ever think of that?” -“Buddhist Boot Camp

I heard the mantra "thoughts become things" years ago in a book about the universal laws of attraction titled "The Secret."

If you really stop and ponder that, isn't it incredibly powerful and also empowering?

All of the good in your life and all of the bad things in our lives started with one, small and personal thought? Wow.

So what do you spend your time thinking about?

And of course, as I write this to you and read my emails, I receive my quote of the day, and it totally aligns with my thought to you: "The most interesting thing in the environment is your own mind." -Sherry Turkle

So do "thoughts become things"?

They sure do to me! 

Inward. Onward. Upward!

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