Town votes to sue Wolverine Worldwide


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A town in the area has voted to join a federal lawsuit against Wolverine Worldwide.

Algoma Township’s board voted Monday to “intervene” in, or join, the suit filed in January by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, or MEDQ, against the Rockford-based maker of footwear and apparel. 

Plainfield Township’s board voted last month to join the suit.

Algoma Township’s resolution says the move is “necessary and in the best interests of the township and its residents.”

Groundwater testing has found dangerous levels of per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS, in several plumes in the Belmont area, affecting the drinking water wells of homes in Plainfield and Algoma townships, the Business Journal previously reported.

The lawsuit alleges the PFAS contamination is due to Wolverine’s improper waste disposal, the Business Journal reported. The suit seeks to force the company "to clean up the contamination and reimburse the state for costs associated with the environmental disaster.”

In response to the Algoma Township resolution, Wolverine Worldwide stated, “We have not objected to that (resolution). Wolverine has been working diligently with the local, state and federal officials for nearly a year to gather the right data and develop the right solutions, and we will continue doing so.”

Wolverine Worldwide is maintaining a blog to "keep the community informed on local water testing and related issues." 

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