Trade contractor promotes team members


Nick Keeler. Courtesy Sobie Company

A trade contractor in the area has promoted six team members and hired one new employee.

Dutton-based Sobie Company said it promoted Nick Keeler, David Langworthy, Joe Osterhout, Keith Gillhespy, Steve Sphor and Doug Dunn to various positions.

Sobie also hired Bill Nagelhout as project manager.

Nick Keeler

Starting as a carpenter 25 years ago, Keeler has now made his way up through the Sobie ranks to VP of project planning and management.

In his time at Sobie, he has worked as a site supervisor, field supervisor, project manager and senior project manager.

In his new role, Keeler is responsible for all day-to-day operations and managing office and project management staff.

David Langworthy

Following a little more than two years with Sobie as a project manager, Langworthy was promoted to senior project manager.

He’ll manage all projects the firm is working on — currently more than 75 — and the project management staff.

Previously, Langworthy was with Lamar Construction Company from 1991-2014.

Keith Gillhespy

Gillhespy was promoted to senior flooring project manager after nearly 10 years as a flooring project manager.

He's now responsible for all day-to-day operations of the Sobie flooring department and staff.

Joe Osterhout

Starting as a general tradesman in 2005, Osterhout has worked his way through various promotions at Sobie, including as a site supervisor, senior site supervisor and general field supervisor.

He now oversees the company’s field employees, trade partners and warehouse and safety department.

Steve Spohr

Beginning his career in 2012 as an LPDA estimator at Sobie, Spohr was recently promoted to chief estimator.

He’s responsible for all day-to-day operations of the estimating department. He also works with the VP of project planning on upcoming projects and pricing.

Previously, Spohr worked at Mavcon and Talsma Companies.

Doug Dunn

Dunn began work at Sobie in 2005 as a general tradesman and has now worked his way to project manager.

Bill Nagelhout

Hired last month as a project manager, Nagelhout was most recently a project superintendent with Bazzani.


Founded in 1935, Sobie Company provides interior finishing services.

The firm is currently working on more than 75 projects.

It operates with 60 carpenters and trade workers and has more than 100 trade partners on a daily basis.

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