Travel website spins around Grand Rapids


The travel-planning website allows users to explore Grand Rapids by clicking on one of 18 categories. Photo via

Wouldn’t it be great if you could plan a vacation by going to a website and selecting your interests and then be met with a slew of suggested activities and sightseeing options that fit those interests? Now visitors to Grand Rapids can do just that.

Experience Grand Rapids, the destination marketing organization for Kent County, launched a personalized travel-planning website Tuesday,, which presents 18 categories to explore, from art lovers to thrill seekers, allowing the visitor to customize their trip.

For example, craft beer enthusiasts can find breweries to explore, activities and nightlife related to craft beer and a place to stay for the weekend.

Each category includes suggestions for activities, restaurants, nightlife and accommodations.


The Experience Grand Rapids mobile site has received an increase of 70 percent in new visitors compared to 2012, said Experience Grand Rapids President Doug Small.

The increase in mobile traffic “means more visitors are using smartphones and tablets to research the destination,” Small said.

Small said provides visitors with a “24-7 concierge tool, right at their fingertips, offering personalized suggestions in a digital format.”

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