TripAdvisor names CityFlatsHotel Grand Rapids gold GreenLeader


CityFlatsHotel Grand Rapids is downtown on Monroe Center Street NW. Photo via

CityFlatsHotel Grand Rapids has been accepted as a gold level GreenLeader in the new TripAdvisor GreenLeaders program, which helps travelers plan greener trips by identifying environmentally friendly accommodations across the U.S.

CityFlatsHotel has adopted several features and processes that have helped it achieve gold GreenLeaders status.

In the bathrooms, more than 90 percent of the toiletries are organic, 100 percent biodegradable and use at least 50 percent recycled packaging. The hotel has also instituted a linen and towel reuse program.

Guests visiting the hotel are able to access electric vehicle charging stations, either onsite or within one mile of the hotel, and each room has an individual thermostat, which can also be set to occupied and unoccupied to reduce energy use.

Additionally, the building has a white roof that is categorized as a "cool" roof, a minimal use of carpeting in guest rooms and common areas, at least 75 percent of the interior lighting uses energy efficient light bulbs and uses low volatile organic compound paints, primers and adhesives.

“Environmentally friendly standards are a cornerstone of our hotel’s business practices and to be recognized for that is wonderful," said Jack Peaphon, marketing coordinator for CityFlatsHotel. "There has been an increase in travelers looking for a more eco-friendly stay, one that the CityFlatsHotel is proud to offer.”

Peaphone added that the hotel participates in a recycling program that recycles at least two types of waste and includes a required staff training program and periodic checks.

Ninety percent of the CitySen restaurant’s disposable food service items, like napkins, cups and cutlery, are recyclable and made from recycled materials.

CitySen purchases and uses food items that are USDA Certified organic, Direct Trade Certified and are produced within 100 miles, Peaphon added.

CityFlatsHotel Holland is the first LEED Gold certified hotel in the Midwest, and CityFlatsHotel Grand Rapids is set to achieve LEED Gold certification.


The TripAdvisor GreenLeaders program was developed in partnership with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR®program, the U.S. Green Building Council, the United Nations Environment Programme and a leading environmental consulting firm.

The more green practices a hotel has in place, the higher its GreenLeader level.

Travelers are able to search for accommodations that have a GreenLeaders status on the TripAdvisor site and view a detailed list of environmentally friendly practices that they can expect at each location.

“TripAdvisor GreenLeaders are leading the hospitality industry in making efforts to improve their environmental footprint,” said Jenny Rushmore, director of responsible travel at TripAdvisor. “We greatly applaud these accommodations."



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