Tube maker completes $1.4M warehouse


Perforated Tubes in Ada makes perforated steel tubes for multiple industries. Photo via

A maker of perforated steel tubes has completed a new $1.4-million warehouse, which will free up space at its nearby plant, allowing the company to take on additional business.

Perforated Tubes in Ada, located at 850 Fulton St., said this week that it has built a 32,000-square-foot warehouse next door to its plant.

The project began last fall and was completed in March.

Omega Architects and Riverside Construction Management served as the architect and construction management firm on the project.

Manufacturing growth

A variety of raw materials and finished products will be stored in the warehouse.

The warehouse enhances the company's manufacturing capabilities by releasing space previously used for storing raw materials and finished products, allowing it to take on new projects more readily.

"It will make our processes more efficient from start to finish,” said David Doezema, VP, Perforated Tubes.

Hiring plans

While the company does not expect to add employees due to the additional warehouse space, it will add people at its plant once it begins receiving additional business as expected as a result of the expansion.

Perforated Tubes

Perforated Tubes said it designed and developed the first perforated spiral tube.

The company has been in operation for more than a half century and supplies perforated steel tubes to a range of industries: automotive; architecture; aeronautics; petrochemical; gas; oil; interior design; and paper milling.

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