U-M drops ex-president’s name from building


ANN ARBOR — The University of Michigan Board of Regents has voted to strip the name of a former school president from a campus science building.

Clarence Little was president for four years in the 1920s.

Critics said he lent his scientific expertise to groups that were in favor of selective reproduction, also known as eugenics.

He was also accused of sowing doubt about smoking and cancer.

Following a review, President Mark Schlissel recommended removing Little's name. The board voted last month to remove it.

Little's name is also on a building at the University of Maine, where he was president before moving to Michigan in 1925.

Regents also approved removing the name of late professor Alexander Winchell from a residence hall. He wrote a book that is cited by white supremacist groups.

Winchell was a professor of engineering, physics and geology, according to The Michigan Daily.

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