University plans $1.6M housing makeover


FSU’s Ward Hall for honors students is one of several residence halls on its Big Rapids campus. Courtesy FSU

A university’s residential halls and apartments are in line for a $1.6-million makeover.

Ferris State University said last week that it will improve several residence halls and apartments at its Big Rapids campus.

The funding was approved by the university’s Board of Trustees during a regular meeting.

Seven out of 14 residential halls and the West Campus apartments were selected for the repair work. FSU named several of the buildings slated for renovation: Clark, Cramer, Hallisy, North and South Bond, Puterbaugh, Vandercook and Ward halls.

The renovations are scheduled to begin in May and be completed by September 2015.


The repair plans include floor coverings, lighting and wireless Internet service. Residential facilities will also receive hall lobby and front-desk upgrades, as well as painting.

Several appliances and furnaces in the West Campus apartments will be replaced, in addition to the renovations.

Allocating funds

FSU is planning the renovations to lower energy costs and be good stewards of capital assets, as well as better meet the needs of students, said Sandy Gholston, an FSU spokesperson.

The funds will come from the university’s housing maintenance budget and capital renewal and deferred maintenance budget.

“As funds become available, we’re focusing our efforts on improvements to our facilities that will better meet the expectations of and provide the best value for our student residents and the university,” said Jerry Scoby, FSU vice president of administration and finance.


At this point, no firms have been contracted for the work.

It’s possible some of the renovation work may be conducted by FSU staff, Gholston said.

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