University receives largest-ever outright gift


Phil and Jocelyn Hagerman. Courtesy FSU

A family has cemented its name and legacy into a university in the region.

Ferris State University said today that Phil Hagerman, president and CEO of Flint-based Diplomat Pharmacy, and his wife, Jocelyn, recently donated $5 million to FSU’s College of Pharmacy through their Hagerman Foundation.

The donation is the “largest outright gift” ever given to FSU.

“This is a symbol of our commitment to education and our commitment to Ferris,” Phil Hagerman said. “We want to make sure that the pharmacy industry recognizes what an important part Ferris has been in my personal success, my family’s success and in the growth of our company, Diplomat.

“For myself and my wife, Jocelyn, one of the most rewarding parts of the gift is to support youth. We believe in the pharmacy profession, and we believe in students. One of the goals — for Jocelyn, I and the Hagerman Foundation — is to support education.”

Allocating the funds 

FSU is renaming its College of Pharmacy building in honor of the Hagerman family and using the family’s donation to fund scholarships and a faculty chair: the Hagerman Family Endowed Scholarship in Pharmacy; Hagerman Endowed Chair for Medical Informatics; and Hagerman Family Scholarship Fund.

“Through this leadership-level gift to the College of Pharmacy, Phil and Jocelyn Hagerman will be enhancing opportunities for students with the introduction of a transformative scholarship program, expanding curricular options through support of program development and ensuring students are educated in state-of-the-art facilities,” said Stephen Durst, dean of the College of Pharmacy, FSU.

Generational FSU ties

The Hagerman family has a long history with FSU, particularly the university’s pharmacy program.

With three generations of pharmacy graduates, the Hagerman’s story with Ferris began with Phil’s father, Dale, who graduated from the pharmacy program in 1951.

Phil then graduated in 1975. His sister graduated in 1974. And his daughter, Jennifer, graduated in 2003.

“My father, when he got out of the service, was excited about being in some form of the medical profession, and he picked pharmacy and started at Ferris,” Phil said. “Through his entire time at Ferris, all of his stories were exciting and positive, and it launched a career for him, and set me, my older sister and my eldest daughter on that same path.

“I believe Ferris is a top choice, because of its history, because of its legacy and because of its critical importance to pharmacists in the state of Michigan. Ferris is a tremendous place for me, and my wife, Jocelyn, to give this legacy and know that it’s going to have long-term impact and make a difference.”

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