VAI co-funding $4.5M for Parkinson’s research


Courtesy Van Andel Institute

The Van Andel Institute has joined a $4.5 million funding agreement for Parkinson’s research.

VAI and The Cure Parkinson’s Trust, based in London, made the three-year co-funding agreement that will support the International Linked Clinical Trials (iLCT) initiative, a global program that aims to develop new, potentially disease-modifying Parkinson’s therapies, many of which are repurposed medications originally designed or approved to treat other diseases.

The two organizations have partnered to support the iLCT initiative since 2012.

For the initiative, candidate drugs are evaluated and prioritized annually by a committee of world-leading Parkinson’s experts. These drugs have the potential to get to the clinic much faster since they already have passed crucial safety tests, VAI said.

Currently, 15 trials of drugs evaluated by the committee are underway, and seven trials have been completed. A further 10 trials are in the planning stages. To date, iLCT has included more than 2,500 trial participants.

The iLCT initiative already has shown positive results, most recently in the Phase II clinical trial of ambroxol, which has shown may slow Parkinson’s progression.

In addition to the new funding for the iLCT program, VAI, CPT and the John Black Charitable Foundation have agreed to co-fund $679,000 for the next ambroxol research phase.

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