Video game maker launches ‘battle arena’ title


“Strife” by S2 Games in Portage is a multi-player online battle arena, or MOBA, video game. Photo via

A video game maker in the region is launching a magical world of digital fantasy and adventure — that’s drawn hundreds of thousands of fans.

S2 Games in Portage said this fall that it has released “Strife,” the game maker’s second generation multi-player online battle arena game, or MOBA, into the open beta waters of the Internet.

The game’s Facebook page has drawn more than 415,000 likes.

The game, which follows S2’s 2010 PC title “Heroes of Newerth,” takes gamers through the planet of Strife, where they can play as different heroes on quests with other online users.

The game features magical pets, collaborative gameplay and player customization.

The free game can be downloaded online.

Not "getting destroyed all the time"

"Our vision for ‘Strife’ can be best explained by examining the globally beloved sport of soccer," said Marc DeForest, co-founder and CEO, S2 Games. "The way I'd play soccer with my kids is completely different from the way I'd play competitively in college or the way World Cup teams battle professionally. We designed Strife to be a game as accessible as soccer, to be enjoyed by players of all skill levels."

“Strife” may be any entry-level title for gamers who’ve never played a MOBA-type game.

Although many MOBAs are complicated and time consuming, especially for new gamers, “Strife” is the kind of game that’s “a little bit easier to get into,” said Brian Albert, associate editor of IGN Entertainment, a video game news outlet.

“That’s kind of the point of this game,” Albert said. “It’s what S2 is pushing. It’s like, ‘Hey MOBA’s are hard. Let’s help someone who’s new get into them and not fee like they’re getting destroyed all the time. I really like this game. I want to play more.”

Beta period

The open beta for “Strife” is a milestone step for the game maker, as it allows a large pool of users to test and improve the game.

The recently completed closed beta required a special key to register for an account.

S2 Games is encouraging gamers to post feedback and report bugs during the open beta period.

“Always keep in mind that this is a development phase in the game, and you are not playing a finished game, so there are improvements and new systems to be added over time,” according to S2 Games' website. 

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