Video: LaughFest breaks world record β€” for fake mustaches


Courtesy LaughFest

Magnum P.I., Ron Burgundy and Ron Swanson would be impressed.

Organizers of the annual LaughFest say they've broken the world record for the most people wearing fake mustaches.

Gilda's LaughFest reports that 1,544 people donned various shapes and sizes of dark 'staches on Thursday β€” the festival's opening day.

LaughFest officials say the previous fake-mustache-wearing record, 648 participants, was set last fall at a St. Louis Rams event.

The record is awaiting Guinness World Record certification.

If it sticks, the record would be the third set at the festival in as many years.

Last year, the festival broke the record for the most people wearing fake animal noses. The year before, it was people tossing rubber chickens.

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