Wealthy Street Bakery looks to add liquor license


Wealthy Street Bakery would like a liquor license to serve beer with its pizzas. Photo by Johnny Quirin

Breakfast, baked goods … and beer?

Wealthy Street Bakery, 610 Wealthy St. SE, is in the process of getting a liquor license for beer and wine, said co-owner David LaGrand. He expects to receive the license from the city commission by late July.

Adding a liquor license will expand the eatery’s options for meals throughout the day. LaGrand also is trying to get a liquor license for Wealthy Street’s upcoming sister bakery at 1200 Hall St. SE, Grand Rapids. The 3,600-square-foot downstairs space and 1,200-square-foot upstairs apartment space, which Wealthy Street Bakery bought for $110,000, is anticipated to open in October.

“Now customers can get a bottle of wine and get beer with their pizza,” he said. “One of the strengths of Grand Rapids is our local breweries. We’ll of course emphasize those.”

The move is part of WSB’s expanding menu. Earlier this month, WSB unveiled a new breakfast foods menu, LaGrand said, adding that his staff also plans to roll out more evening options, including more meats, dinner salads and dinner dishes.

“Basically, if you’ve got a business, you want to be able to maximize opportunities to serve customers,” he said. “In our hearts, we are trying to be a community hub where people can meet, relax and have a rich life. Everything we can do to flesh out that vision, we’re going to do.”

The liquor license was a topic the WSB team had discussed for a while, but had not been able to afford in the bakery’s beginning, LaGrand said.

“When we opened the bakery, it was on a shoestring budget … Fortunately, it’s been a success, and this is just part of growth,” he said. “We couldn’t afford (a liquor license) back then, and we also weren’t sure if it worked with the operations of the restaurant. But we pushed out from there and found our identity.”

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