Weiss scores big with GVMC members


If the Grand Valley Metro Council had a Dean’s List, Executive Director John Weiss would have made it easily.

“While I’ve never seen a perfect performance appraisal, this is a pretty good one,” said Michael Young, Rockford’s city manager, who heads the council’s Executive Committee.

That committee evaluated Weiss’ performance as the organization’s director for his first 10 months in the post, and the nine-member panel came back with a glowing report card.

Weiss was evaluated on 10 factors that ranged from meeting the council’s goals to having the necessary skills to form inter-governmental relationships. Half of the committee’s evaluation was weighted on nine of the factors, with the other half skewed toward whether he reached the council’s goals.

The committee graded him on a scale from 1 to 5, with 5 being outstanding and 1 being unacceptable. So the highest overall score Weiss could attain was a 5, and he came within an extra-credit assignment of doing that.

“John consistently scored between a four and five for each of the nine factors, as well as his ability to complete the established goals of the organization,” wrote Young in the report. “John’s rating as it pertains to the accomplishment of the established goals was a 4.33. John’s rating as it relates to the established nine criteria was a 4.64, for an average combined rating of 4.49.”

The highest single score Weiss achieved was a 4.94 for his skills in developing relationships with other public officials and those in the private sector. The lowest was a 4.28 for having the proper knowledge to do the job. “In summary, John’s evaluation was determined to be outstanding by a unanimous vote of the Executive Committee,” said Young.

Weiss resigned as president and CEO of Design Plus, a local architectural firm that recently merged with Progressive AE, to become the council’s director and its most visible employee. He replaced Don Stypula in January. Stypula retired after nine years in the post and now works as a consultant.

Weiss, though, wasn’t a newcomer to the local government scene when he joined the Metro Council. He has served as city manager of Coopersville, as economic development director of Wyoming and as township supervisor in Cannon Township.

“This is everything that we really hoped for,” said Young of Weiss’ early tenure. “We’re excited again. We’ve got a lot of people excited about the Metro Council again.”

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