West Michigan Law firms up downtown Muskegon


Attorney Adam Zuwerink, founder of West Michigan Law, at the Supreme Court of the United States for his swearing-in ceremony before the court. Photo via google.com

Attorney Adam Zuwerink has witnessed firsthand how technology is changing the legal profession.

His perspective on the industry was shaped while practicing with Muskegon law firm Parmenter O’Toole.

Zuwerink decided that the odds were in his favor to step out on his own and start a small, adaptable firm with the mission of changing the way clients interact with lawyers.

“Technology is changing both how attorneys provide customer service to clients and how attorneys obtain research information,” said Zuwerink, attorney and founder of West Michigan Law in downtown Muskegon. “Most clients are now comfortable having legal documents and correspondence e-mailed to them, which has led to increased efficiency and cost savings.

“Law firms are now able to inexpensively obtain all of their research material at a fraction of the cost of maintaining a law library," he said. "As a result of technology, clients are expecting their attorney to deliver legal services very quickly. It is now very important to have a discussion with each client up front on what their expectations are for delivery of legal documents.”

Along with more efficient technology comes more cost-effective service.

“(I) felt the economics of running a law firm are shifting in favor of smaller law firms that specialize in certain areas of the law," Zuwerink said. "I believe the small business and real estate sectors of the West Michigan economy have rebounded, and the next generation of entrepreneurs and developers are looking for an attorney who can effectively provide legal services on a cost-effective basis.”

"Passion for Muskegon"

He pointed out that following the recession it had felt like someone had hit the "pause" button on development in downtown Muskegon, but recently, the “play” button is back on, and development is picking up.

“There is an energetic group of young professionals living and working in Muskegon County, who have been organizing outstanding events from scratch, because they believe in their community," Zuwerink said. "It's great to be involved with people who have the same passion for Muskegon that I do, and I think you are going to see a lot of exciting new developments in the next 12 months.”

Zuwerink’s firm, West Michigan Law, focuses almost exclusively on transactional law, and he represents a broad range of business and individual clients.

The firm's services include business, real estate and estate planning work.

In addition to the office in Muskegon, Zuwerink also works out of The Stream, a shared office space in Newaygo for small business owners.

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