West Michigan Policy Forum ranks policy initiatives


After concluding a full-day conference downtown, members of the West Michigan Policy Forum voted on the top five “pro-business” policy priorities for the state to address.

The conference yesterday at the Amway Grand Plaza and JW Marriott in Grand Rapids addressed a number of issues: future industries, job opportunities, municipal finance, poverty, housing, education, criminal justice reform, empowerment and more.

The mission of the West Michigan Policy Forum, or WMPF, is to create jobs and opportunities in Michigan by removing barriers to competitiveness, empowering grassroots advocacy within the state’s business community and moving forward legislative policy directives geared toward Michigan’s long-term prosperity.

WMPF said in the months prior to the biennial conference, it facilitated a series of community discussions among regional leaders in Muskegon, Kalamazoo, Midland and Traverse City to help shape the day’s topics.

WMPF policy priorities

1. Michigan should transition government employees to 401(k)-style benefits

2. Michigan should pursue elimination of the person income tax, while protecting essential service

3. Michigan needs smart criminal justice reform to break the cycle of incarceration

4. Michigan should expand education choice

5. Michigan should empower individuals with more options for housing assistance

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