What’s the ‘best’ city in Michigan?


The city of Portage has a population of 46,262 and a median home value of $156,600, according to the 2010 Census. Photo via movoto.com

Grand Rapids isn’t the best city in Michigan.

In fact, it’s not even one of the best 25 cities in the state.

So claims Movoto, a national residential real estate broker, in its ranking of “The 10 Best Cities in Michigan,” which has been viewed by more than 40,000 people — and counting — since yesterday.

Movoto, founded in 2005, operates an online database with millions of residential real estate listings and connects homebuyers with agents at local brokerages.


Movoto examined data on the 50 most-populous cities and townships in the state.

Each town’s ranking is based on six factors. The first is its amenities, such as shopping, dining and entertainment options.

The other five — the cost of living, crime rate, education level, employment income and home value — are rated on whether each is above or below the state average.

Middle of the pack

So where does Grand Rapids finish among the 50 Michigan cities Movoto examined?

In 27th place. Right behind Redford Township and just ahead of Saginaw Township.

Here is the city’s scorecard.

Grand Rapids scores a 1, the top grade, in amenities — as did 13 other towns in the state, and it gets a 10 for cost of living.

But Grand Rapids’ score, based on state averages, for other factors seems to drop in it in the rankings: a 34 for crime rate, a 27 for educational attainment, a 37 for employment income, a 32 for the value of its housing market and a “big deal,” or overall score, of 23.5.

No. 1

So which Michigan locale does Movoto rank the best in the state?

Midland. It has the lowest big deal score of all 50 towns at 8.8 — or roughly a third of the Grand Rapids score.

A full breakout of the 50 towns’ scores is at Movoto.

“The 10 best cities in Michigan”

1. Midland
2. Novi
3. Canton
4. Portage
5. Ann Arbor
6 .Grand Blanc Township
7. Royal Oak
8. East Lansing
9. Farmington Hills
10. Troy
10. West Bloomfield Township.

27. Grand Rapids
50. Detroit

Source: Movoto, 2013

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