Where does the construction manager fit in your project?


Construction management firms lead the multiple parties needed to conceive and complete building projects. Photo via fb.com

Many organizations struggle with where to start when considering a capital investment such as a building addition or new facility.

Some start with their financing source. Some start with an architect. But, more and more, building owners and buyers are starting with a professional construction manager.

Construction managers are well-suited to be your first point of contact when considering an expansion project.

On-site project management

Once a construction projects starts, construction managers are responsible for the on-site sequencing and coordination of all construction activities: they see that the walls are framed, the rough in is complete and the drywall is hung in sequence and all work is completed on a tight schedule.

If construction managers can successfully manage the complex sequence of events that occur on a construction site, they are suited to organize and manage a project team of architects, engineers, consultants and financing companies from project conception to completion.

Consider the comparison of your capital project to a three-leg stool. One leg is the building's design, the second is the budget and the third is the schedule. The construction manager is naturally responsible for two legs of the stool. 

Costs and schedule

As you embark on your project, a construction manager is constantly considering the impact of every decision as it relates to the project's goals for schedule and budget. Construction managers possess accurate building cost information and bring a large database of historical building costs and comparable projects for a project team to benchmark against. And they have a pulse on fluctuations in materials and labor costs, as well as a good understanding of the bidding climate.   


The idea of engaging a construction manager as your first project partner is not a new one. There are well-established team models in the market.

West Michigan has a number of high quality and experienced construction management firms, many of which are members of the Associated Builders and Contractors of West Michigan and Design-Build institute of America, and they're set up to chart and lead building projects.

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