Who are you competing against?


Creation over competition.

It's a favorite mantra for my world and a topic I'm sure I've touched on before.

I like to re-visit this idea often, because it always evolves into something better.

Being an athlete, my non-competitive response surprises most people. When asked who our firm’s main competitor is, I will most likely answer, "Me or us."

Sometimes people take this as a passive approach, but I'm actually very traditional when it comes to “winning and losing.” I just measure things differently.

I am my — and our — biggest critic and advocate. A company goal will never be: to be better than Company X or to have market share.

Our goals are internally based and tied to growth first as a person — who then becomes more powerful and valuable to their tribe's mission and most importantly, their family at home.

Competition is linear. Winning is fun, but creation is exponential.

Inward. Onward. Upward.

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